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- Make traveling easier with all in one bookings on GoFar!


Mobile Travel App for Startup


User Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping


2 Weeks

Tools Used:

Miro, Figma, Invision


The task within this project was to visualize myself working as a product designer for a new travel startup company and design an app that will allow users to not only complete their trip but prefer this application in comparison to others, creating a unique experience.

My Role

UX Designer & UX Researcher

The Problem

Users explore various applications when planning their next trip. However, users find it difficult to find an application that allows them to complete an all in one reservation.

The Solution

In order for users to have a delightful experience, I was able to bundle their trip in which users have the option to select Flights, Hotel Stays, Car Rentals and Activities for their trip. This allows the app to show surrounding activities in the area that the user might enjoy. 

Who Do We Imagine?

(Quick Sketch)

The Process

A Qualitative research was done by interviewing with travelers. In this case I interviewed 5 travelers over the course of 12/18/23-12/22/23 . 10 open ended questions were asked to each participant along with follow up questions. 

From here, I was able to sort this information onto an affinity diagram. categorizing onto the users goals, frustrations, & preferred methods of travel. 

User Insight: Due to the user interviews, I discovered that users prioritize budgeting. Therefore, I believe users want a way to compare fares from a variety of travel accommodation sites to have a better spending plan and conserve browsing. 

I begin to create a User flow next to visually understand how the user might navigate through the app. 

After creating lo-fidelity prototypes and testing with users, I received more feedback and continued to make iterations. I was able to transform my Lo-fi to Hi-fi with carefully analyzing all the information. 

Final Results

What's Next?

Due to this being on of my very first designs and challenges, I would like to continue working on my design skills in order to improve some of the CTA's and perhaps find a solution to make it more creative in not having too many steps. As of now, I have worked to reduce the amount of steps a user navigates through however, I do feel there is room for improvement. 
I believe within making some improvements GoFar would help many users like myself (who prefer to not go through more websites) to book all my needs for my trip. 

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